I learned how to proofread court transcripts from Proofread Anywhere, which involved proofreading over 3,000 pages of actual court transcripts. I pride myself on being very thorough, professional, and customer-service oriented. My corrections are easy to understand, and I answer all emails promptly.

I was taught according to Morson’s, and I use The Gregg Reference Manual and Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation by Margie Wakeman Wells as references when I proofread. I understand that court reporters can have preferences for punctuation and other transcript requirements for their agency or state. I have all new and potential clients fill out a preference sheet in order for me to know how I can best serve their proofreading needs.

I am also open to proofreading for anyone who is interested. Writers, bloggers, businesses, students, publications, and newspapers are more than welcome to contact me and see my FAQs for more information.

If you’re a court reporter who would like to free up your time to take on more clients or would like more time to spend with family or friends rather than sit and stare at your own work for hours on end, fill out your information below!